ASEAN経済友好協会 ご挨拶







会長 丸山 裕



ASEAN Economic and Fellowship Association was established 60th anniversary of ASEAN and to build peaceful world which interchange economic, culture, proposal any solution planning, making mature relationship both.

In case of economical view, we expect advance and development. We Japanese have a high technology and management skill. So it must be useful to advanced development of ASEAN countries. We hope so anxiously.

Other view of cultural side, We don’t know ASEAN countries well more than western countries. We have to spread understanding and their cultural knowledge well. Oppositely we spread Japanese culture them. As the result that make strong relation each other.

We make many relation of any organization such as companies, societies and government aggressively. This means build all relation and make companions not only Japan and ASEAN but also other areas beyond any borders.

Please remember us, if you would like to have some relations of ASEAN.

Yutaka Maruyama.